A Naughty Game for Couples

Share intimate desires, complete spicy dares & reach the climax!

A Sex Game for Couples - Take Your Relationship to the Next Level

No matter how long you've been together, the Love & Lust app will allow you to discover new exciting things to try in the bedroom or even reignite a fire from the past.
Explore your passion, learn about each other’s intimate desires and push the boundaries with this sexy couples game.


Custom Game Set-up

You can customise this sex game for couples based on your preferences and situation.
Each of you can exclude specific acts without the other one seeing. During set-up you will also select the clothes you're wearing and the items you have available for a personalised game experience!


Play Through 5 Levels - From Tame to Hot

Take turns uncovering cards and working your way to level 5.
Most cards contain a question or action (similar to Truth or Dare!). You will be wearing less clothes, answering spicier questions and doing naugthier actions as you progress through the levels.


Get Rewards

You will collect Love cards and Lust cards throughout the game.
At the end of the game, you can choose a Love card together which you can use at a later point in time.
The winner gets to choose a Lust card that will be used to finish the game off with hot sex!